Sure Fire Free Bridal Do it Yourself Makeup Tips

Wedding day is one of the most significant moments in a woman's life. This is the day when she would finally be facing God with his beloved groom. Basically, on this special day, the bride gets most of everyone's attention. Hence, one should put her best face forward. In doing this, some bride-to-be prefer hiring professional hair and makeup artists. On the other hand, majority of the brides prefer to do their look on their own. This is a good way to save money and to let her flaunt her best features with her own capabilities. However, if blending and combination of make up colors are not done properly, this may make your look to a disastrous one. With this, here are free bridal do it yourself makeup tips to help you out.

Free bridal do it yourself tips are usually torn into parts: the base, the blush, the eye makeup and the lip highlights. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind in every particular facial area or concern.

The first stop discusses about the base. The base is the most critical and most important part of a makeup. It is advisable to have one that best compliment your skin tone. Choosing a shade closest to your actual skin tone is usually advised. Apply foundation using a sponge or brush evenly onto your face. Then, deal with your flaws. Using a concealer, seal any blemishes or under-eye circles. A skin tone's one shade lighter concealer is recommended. You may also use mineral based foundation and concealer. This specific make up helps minimize the appearance of oily skin throughout the event. Complete the base by dabbing foundation over your neck, jaw lines and ears.

The next step involves the cheeks. To give the bride a lovely glow, blushes are applied. The natural-looking shades of pinky peach and rose are usually preferred. When you apply blushes, start with the apples of your cheeks. A simple smile can help you discern your cheek's apples. Move through the face's temple until it has properly blended. If excess blush is observed, you may use a makeup sponge to clean it up. Also, keep in mind that is you have an oily skin, a powder blush is recommended. On the other hand, a cream blush will work best brides with dry skin.

For the eye makeup, dabbing the eyelid with foundation can help you make the eye makeup last longer. Also, check the eyebrows for unwanted hair. When dealing about sparse blow areas, a light brown eye brow liner shade can help you out. For the eye shadow, you may use tri-color makeup palette that compliments best on your eye color. The softest palette color is used to emphasis the brow bone while the deepest color is applied on the eye's crease and the medium toned one for the eyelids. For eye liners, black shades are preferred as browns tend to depict tiring eyes. For mascaras, water-proofed items are recommended as most brides shed tears on their special day.

Lastly, for the lips, select a shade that will compliment your whole look. Outline the lips and fill the entire area with lip makeup. Finish the look by applying a balm or gloss for an instant shine.

As a concluding thought, free bridal do it yourself makeup tips should be tried several times before the big day so you could practice and do more necessary adjustments or changes with your makeup. It is also important to consider the wedding time. Is it a morning or evening wedding? All these things will help you achieve the best bridal look you could possibly have. For other free bridal do it yourself makeup tips, searching through magazines and online websites will also be a good option.


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