The Benefits of Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Many people want a younger appearance and to feel better about themselves. They are not satisfied with the signs of aging on their face, so they are looking into the benefits of face lift cosmetic surgery. Understanding the benefits is important before any major surgery.

Here are some common questions about the procedure and the benefits of face lift plastic surgery:
- What is a face lift? It is a surgical procedure that repairs sagging, drooping, and wrinkled skin of the face and neck.

- How is the procedure performed? While you are under sedation and anesthesia, your plastic surgeon will make incisions above your hairline at the temples, behind your earlobe, continuing to the lower scalp. Your surgeon will then remove some fat tissue and loose skin then stitches or sutures the incisions closed. The fat tissue removal is the lifting part of the face lift.

- What are the benefits of a face-lift? This procedure is designed to remove wrinkles therefore decreasing the physical signs of aging on the face. Properly performed, the procedure improves the contours of your face, giving you a more youthful look. The plastic surgery cannot stop the aging process; however it may offset some of its effects. Sun and wind damage, smoking and other environmental effects (such as pollution) can also appear diminished. A more intangible benefit may be a boost in your self-esteem. If you feel good about how you look, you feel better about yourself.

- What are the risks? As with any major surgery, there are risks. Surgery risks include blood loss and infection. Anesthesia risks include difficulty breathing and allergic reactions to medications administered. Other risks include a hematoma or a pocket of blood under the skin that will need to be drained and temporary damage of the nerves that control facial muscles.

- What can I expect after surgery? Immediately after surgery, your head will be bandaged loosely. To keep swelling to a minimum, your head will be raised by pillows. At about 10-14 days after surgery, you will be experiencing some swelling, bruising, tenderness and perhaps numbness. Skin discoloration may also occur. Most of your surgical scars will be hidden along your hairline or will follow the natural lines of your face. These will fade over time. It will be recommended that you limit your sun exposure after your surgery. You should see a full recovery in about 4-6 weeks after surgery.

- What is the typical cost of plastic surgery? The cost ranges from $5000-$7000. This cost does not include the fees for the hospital or surgical facility, the anesthesiologist, any prescriptions or tests that may be needed.

When making your decision about any surgery, you must weigh the benefits along with the risks. There are no guarantees to the outcome, however as medical knowledge and training continually advances. The benefits of cosmetic surgery procedure seem to outweigh the risks. If this sounds like a treatment that will make you happier and feel better about yourself, take this opportunity to greet the new you.


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